Spirited Generosity



Over the years Carolyn Kitto has developed a number of innovative programs that will enable you to create new ways of resourcing the mission of your local church or organisation.

Spirited Generosity, offers 3 years of giving invitations, which build the elements of generosity with a church and focus on growing resources for mission. Over  3 years, the height, depth and breadth of generosity is grown to grow a churches overall capacity to be generous.

Carolyn will work with a team from your church to help them implement Spirited Generosity so that it is appropriate for the culture and practice of the church. Regular workshops are run throughout Australia.

Spirited Generosity is a well-planned, easy to use practical resource which focuses on the people of God sharing the mission of God generously. I certainly recommend Spirited Generosity as a practical, cost effective and really positive resource.

Bishop Geoff Smith, Anglican Diocese of Brisbane

For more information please go to Spirited Generosity or contact us.