Both Fuzz and Carolyn are sought after preachers, speakers and trainers. They have spoken at UK Youthwork Conference, Surrender, Greenbelt, Women of Strength, Amahoro Africa, National Pastors Conference, Soul Survivor , the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, ICYC (World Methodist Church), Black Stump, and Montreat. Fuzz is heard regularly on Sydney’s Hope 103.2 radio.

Although they are speakers in their own right, they can also work as team offering a unique blend of their individual styles and bringing a dynamic model of relating to an audience.

Their areas of specialty include:

  • speaking about the missional, emerging and fresh expressions of church
  • speaking to youth and young adult audiences.

Fuzz and/or Carolyn can also be booked for preaching individual sermons, or a series. If you think we are too far away, why not try a sermon via Skype. We can help you with the best ways to set it up.


What were the chances of the well bearded  kingdom conversationalist, named Fuzz Kitto, featured on www.theworkofthepeople.com would be on Facebook? What were the odds he would be willing to Skype with our youth group in Kingdom conversation?  Turns out…pretty high! I am still impressed with Fuzz’s willingness to speak into our collective journey and invest in the lives of our teens. His words of encouragement, crammed and fed into the fiber optic funnel of a simple Skype connection, has meant volumes to me as a youth pastor. As we journey with youth together  Fuzz’s transparent heart for teens every and anywhere to embrace the Gospel hope of Christ daily is contagious!

Kenny Wade, Youth Pastor, USA www.boisefirst.org


You can invite Fuzz and/or Carolyn to speak at your event or to run a workshop by contacting us with details of event, date and place, along with the kinds of topics you have in mind.


There are several popular and relevant workshops that Fuzz and Carolyn can deliver at your event. The workshops they are often asked to lead include:

Spirited Generosity provides church teams with the training needed for them to run a giving invitation in a church. A range of options are available. See the Spirited Generosity website for more details www.spiritedgenersoity.com/events

Rafting Realities will help you discover how to live with the realities of the changing world and shape your mission and ministry accordingly.

Emerging Models of Youth Ministry or Get the Kids Off The Pews and Out On The Streets. Youth ministry has come a long way from keeping the kids occupied at the Friday night group, bundled with devotional material. This workshop explores a range of models of youth ministry so that participants can develop an appropriate model for their context.

Restoring Communities is a workshop drawing on the work of Speed Lees and Bruce Johnston in levels of conflict and polarity management. This workshop helps by providing an understanding of objective models for appreciating differences and explores how to get  the most our of diversity.

Church Culture, Mission Culture is about developing a culture of mission in the church. Once upon a time, as the nursery rhyme goes, church was about doing the right things and enough people would come. Now we live in a time where it is not about bringing people to church, but discovering the mission of God in the world.

Consultancy Skills for Regional Workers is a 3-4 day learning program for helping regional workers develop their consultancy skills. From their combined 70 years of experience in these roles, Fuzz and Carolyn bring together frameworks for working regionally, supporting and growing mission and ministry across a region, and bringing lasting change. This is an excellent program for people who are shifting from a local church to a regional ministry role.

If none of these workshops specifically meet your needs, we can design sessions to suit your requirements.

For more information please contact us.