Coaching helps you to be more effective and have greater satisfaction in your ministry, mission and life. It is not therapy, supervision or spiritual direction, but draws from the disciplines of mentoring, goal setting, counselling and strategic planning. The helpful analogy is: therapy assists when you have a broken leg and need to walk again; supervision checks your training program and keeps things in balance; spiritual direction makes sure you are living a whole life and not just running; and coaching helps you run a 4 minute mile (or the equivalent in kilometres).

Every leader needs strength to continue the mission God gives us. Carolyn is a strength giver because she helps me navigate my mission with deep thinking, deep praying and humor. She knows how to move forward with special expertise in financial leadership and strategic thinking. I always come away from our coaching coffees with courage, plans and hope. I am strengthened as a leader. Matt Gelding, Director Soul Survivor

In the coaching sessions specific areas are negotiated to help a person develop and grow their ministry and work in their particular context. Sessions can be face to face, via phone or via the internet. During the process we work together to help you to:

  • reflect on and develop an understanding of your context
  • develop your faith
  • grow in your effectiveness
  • learn new skills
  • develop mission team leadership.

To help we may use the following tools and practices:

  • theological reflection
  • development of learning skills and creative thinking
  • guided self-reflection and reading
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • DiSC contextual operation analysis
  • ministry discernment exercises.

Coaching can be undertaken on a year by year contract (ten sessions per year) or for the following specific purposes (five sessions). They may be useful if you are:

  • starting a new position or career
  • dealing with difficult people and conflict
  • exploring new ways to create resources for mission
  • shaping a new initiative or project.

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