Consult & Coach

Once we navigated by the stars, then we used compasses and maps. Now we have a GPS that uses a satellite, outside of the immediate context, to bring together all the necessary information. Consultations help us to see from an objective viewpoint. They allow us to be realistic about where we are, discover more of who God is calling us to be, and for us to choose future paths of engagement in God’s world.

Fuzz and Carolyn have developed a consultancy style and process which combines their wisdom and experience with the wisdom and hopes of the congregation. A consultation with Fuzz or Carolyn is a spirited grassroots experience. They build ownership and motivation for action. Consultations are intentionally future, strength and mission oriented.

Carolyn’s consultancy was instrumental for Kippax Uniting. She lifted our sense of vision, enabled us to think broader of ways in which we could minister with the community and helped us locate forms of funding the way we were called live.
– Gordon Ramsay, Kippax Uniting Church

Consultations include community-wide discernment, which is inclusive and brings mission into sharp focus. During the consultation we will help your community to:

  • listen and discern the call of God
  • discover the realities of people’s lives and potential entry points for the gospel in your context
  • connect to your identity as a people of faith
  • identify gifts, strengths, resources and passions in the church and the wider community
  • imagine new ways of serving your community and living out your faith over the next 3-5 years.

A consultation involves:

  • anything from 2 – 9 days with your consultant
  • interviews with people in the church and wider community
  • scenario sessions to imagine possibilities and develop opportunities for mission
  • workshops for shaping a framework for practical action
  • opportunities for prayer and reflection
  • a whole church gathering to share and celebrate the vision for action.

The focus can be in any area of church life including: strategic directions in mission, youth ministry, worship, pastoral care, governance and discernment structures, facilities development, finances, transitioning leadership, community engagement and development, staff ministry teams, technology, and regional style church strategy.

A consultation can be carried out for individual churches, a regional group of churches (Diocese, Presbytery, Conference), or an ecumenical network.

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