Our focus is on leading churches, Christian organisations and  in fulfilling Christ’s mission in the world and with Not-For Profits. We help by growing effectiveness in their emerging cultures, communities and realities.

Our specialist areas are in strategic local church and regional mission/strategic planning, creating resources for mission and giving invitations, facilitating decision making, planting new mission and ministry, fund-raising, change management and youth ministry.

Fuzz and Carolyn have developed a consultancy style to help individuals and groups take steps forward into their future. They offer:

  • coaching for leaders in ministry and mission
  • consultancy in planning and ministry
  • advocacy and campaigning strategies
  • team building, which may include using self-assessment tools such as MBTI and DiSC
  • 363 Leadership Development programs using DiSC
  • motivational speaking
  • programs for creating resources for mission in the local church

Both Fuzz and Carolyn are sought after preachers, speakers and trainers. They have spoken at UK Youthwork Conference, Surrender, Greenbelt, Amahoro Africa, Women of Strength, National Pastors Conference, Soul Survivor, the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, ICYC (World Methodist Church), Black Stump, and Montreat. Fuzz is heard regularly on Sydney’s Hope 103.2 radio.

Fuzz and Carolyn Kitto are a multi-skilled team that have worked closely with me in inner Sydney among the most disadvantaged people, alongside some of the most influential residents in the city. In this complex and demanding environment, the Kitto strengths were a wise and stable leadership along with their strong planning and community building skills that supported healthy community life. Creative minds, sound approaches, good hearts, generous faith, great people.
Bishop Greg Thompson, Anglican Bishop of the Northern Territory.

Spirited Consulting was established in 1999. Since that time we have served in over seventeen denominations and multiple networks across thirty countries.

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